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Vescada salon in Bloor West Village in Toronto offers eyelash extensions by a team of talented estheticians and makeup artists, previously at Top Model Search Canada.


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Lashes: Eyelash Extensions 

Here's a breakdown of eyelash extensions we offer:

Eyelash Extensions–Classic:

The artificial lashes will be applied one by one to each natural lash. This set is suitable for ladies who are new to eyelash extensions or prefer a natural look.

Effectively, this set will give more length and some curl for ladies who already have full and healthy lashes.

Natural “no-makeup” set (75 minutes): $100

Natural mascara set (120 minutes): $150


2 weeks (45-60 minutes): $55

3 weeks (60-75 minutes): $65

4 weeks (75-90 minutes): $80


Eyelash Extensions–Volume:

More than 2 finest diameter of lash extensions are applied to each natural lash.


This eyelash set is suitable for ladies who want a glamorous look to their lashes. The set gives full and fluffy lashes without the feeling of heaviness.

Natural set (2-4Ds) (115 minutes): $170


2 weeks (50 minutes): $85

3 weeks (75 minutes): $100

4 weeks (90 minutes): $115

Mascara set (4-6Ds) (150 minutes): $210



2 weeks (75+ minutes): $100

3 weeks (90+ minutes): $130

4 weeks (115+ minutes): $170

Eyelash Extensions–Mix/Hybrid:


This lashes treatment is combination of the classic and volume eyelash extensions.


It's most suitable for ladies who want a more texturized finish to their lashes. A natural look or the look of fullness can be achieved with the hybrid eyelash extensions.


Natural 'no-makeup' set (90 minutes): $140

Mascara set (120 minutes): $180


2 weeks (45-60 minutes): $65

3 weeks (60-75 minutes): $80

4 weeks (75-90 minutes): $95

5 weeks & less than 30% of extensions left is considered a new set

Lash removal: $30

Keratin Lash Infusion–KLI Lash Lift:


Keratin lash infusion (KLI) is the only system that is free from ammonia/odour, 100% damage-free guarantee, true Keratin infusion that is clinically proven to strengthen and hydrate natural lashes, making them grow stronger and longer. The lifting effect can last up to 8 weeks.

What makes KLI different than other lash lifts & keratin lash lifts?

Dehydration or de-bonding step, allows the transformation or lifting of the lashes. Other brands use Thioglycolic acid, better known as perm solution.


KLI, on the other hand, uses Cysteine HCL (the amino acid of Keratin) to de-bond the lashes.


Cysteine is a naturally occurring compound created from protein. Because Cysteine is so mild, it requires gentle, consistent heat to de-bond the lashes. A heated eye mask is used for this step.

Other brands will then use a neutralizer/"hydration" or "setting lotion" as a second solution and rinse thoroughly with water.


Some systems will then have a topical conditioning lotion that may or may not contain Keratin or oil to coat the lashes and attempt to rehydrate them.


Once the lash has been neutralized, it is sealed, meaning the cuticle is closed. This effectively means that the 'good stuff' cannot get in and get washed off the second water is introduced. This is why in a few weeks, you will have bent, frizzy or bug-leg lashes. 

With KLI, a special blend of seabici acid, a.k.a. hydrogenated castor oil and keratin are infused into the lashes, rebuilding the lash fibre, rehydrating and sealing. This leaves the lashes conditioned, healthy and lifted! 


No "after treatment" is needed, but for very weak or damaged lashes, or faster growth, you can also use #Eyenvy lash serum to boost it even more! 

KLI Lash Lift With/Without Tinting: $150/130

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